The CFOM Hub for the Study of Hybrid Communication in Peacebuilding: our first events!

The Centre for Freedom of the Media Hub for the Study of Hybrid Communication in Peacebuilding is now active and running its first online events. This week on Monday July 20th and Tuesday July 21st, we ran two virtual meet ups with over a dozen of our hub members and had a fantastic time. Our fascinating discussions ranged from murals in Northern Ireland; graffiti in Cyprus; the importance of memorials and narratives; participatory music projects and song writing; graphic novels telling stories of genocide; the question of memorialising WWI and WWII; the experience of third generation Armenians with memories of the Armenian genocide; radio in Central African Republic (CAR) and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC); the use of public information and communication in processes of disarmament, demobilization, reinsertion and reintegration (DDR); citizen media in Colombia and the general importance of civility in discourse and of safe spaces – including the question of to what extent the workplace can be influenced by and contribute to peacebuilding.

This was just the start of many more events and collaborations to come. Our website including a blog written by our members will be launched in September so watch the space!

If you want to join our Hub please email:

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