Event: 23 Nov @ 5pm UK time. Join us on ‘Disinformation: (post)Soviet practices’ with Vasily Gatov and Ilya Yablokov

Join us on 23 November at 5pm UK time!
Vasily Gatov (Annenberg school of Communication, University of Southern California) and Ilya Yablokov (Department of Journalism studies, University of Sheffield) will discuss disinformation and (post-)soviet practices.

Russian disinformation and how to deal with it is the issue that became topical after the US Presidential elections 2016. Evgeniy Prigozhin’s troll farms as well as international broadcaster RT are at the epicentre of scholarly and political attention. Yet, the take of many media outlets in the US and the UK on the attempts of the Kremlin to influence public opinion outside of the Russian borders is informed by the comparison between the Soviet propaganda and the current post-Soviet disinformation campaigns. Although appealing, these comparisons can hardly hold up against scholarly criticism.

In this dual talk both scholars with interest in disinformation campaigns of the Cold war period and the post-Soviet era will provide the rationale to understand how to read Russian post-Soviet disinformation. We shall look at the communication methods of the Soviet propaganda and compare it to the post-Soviet approaches. We shall also look at the concrete cases of post-Soviet Russian media to see the extent of their immersion in the global media ecology.

Vasily V. Gatov is Russian-American media analyst, consultant, and researcher with over 35 years of experience in journalism, media management, and investment. His research includes media consumption, economic performance, and management. In addition to that, Gatov extensively studied the history of Cold war and its disinformation campaigns.

Ilya Yablokov is a UK media scholar, lecturer in Journalism and Digital Media at the University of Sheffield. His research interests cover a variety of aspects of Russian state-affiliated and independent media. He studied Russian media elites, news making in Russian state and independent media as well as production and dissemination of disinformation by the state affiliated media players.

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