Bonface Njeresa Beti

Bonface is a Kenyan international multidisciplinary practitioner with over ten years work experience integrating theatre of the oppressed practice in delivering transformative intercultural pedagogies. He works through African indigenous approaches that build on holistic wellbeing and contextual cultural resources while expanding on the practices related to trauma, peacebuilding, healing, justice, spirituality and human security. His experiences emanate from his work and lived experience as an African artist-peacebuilder who has developed practical artistic tools with grassroots communities to break cycles of violent conflicts. This artistic work has seen him work in Kenya, Somalia, Liberia, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Canada. Bonface Njeresa Beti holds, BA in communication from Daystar University in Kenya, MA degree in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Manitoba in Canada and is currently enrolled at the University of Manitoba PhD program pursuing Peace and Conflict studies. He has previously co-published a book chapter and journal article titled: Truth Comes in Many Colors: Theatre of the Oppressed for Conflict Transformation, Trauma Healing in Kenya, Grassroots Leadership and the Arts for Social Change (Building Leadership Bridges) and Forum theatre for conflict transformation in East Africa: The domain of the possible. He’s a co-editor the book: Engaging with Historical Traumas: Experiential Learning and Pedagogies of Resilience by Routledge conceived at University of Turku’s Centre for Storytelling in Finland in 2019 and a memo: Making the case for addressing complex challenges through artistic and cultural processes with ReCAST, Inc., IMPACT, and the Brandeis University Program in Peacebuilding and the Arts, USA. He works with the Amani People’s Theatre and the Green String String Network in Kenya.