Daniela Mosquera Camacho

Daniela is a historian and political scientist from Bogotá, Colombia. She is an associate member of the Centro de Alternativas al Desarrollo (CEALDES) and a junior researcher from Javeriana University. She has been working since 2019 on the project Improbable Dialogues: participatory research as a strategy for reconciliation funded by the Ministry of Science of Colombia and the Newton Fund. There, she has been learning and implementing participatory methods, especially participatory video, with different communities across three municipalities prioritized by the peace agreement. Daniela is interested in topics related to territorial planning, socio-environmental conflicts, volumetric analysis of space, communitarian work, and anthropology of the state in the Caribbean northeast and the Amazonian Northwest of Colombia. She is interested in photography, that’s the main reason why she is learning through practice how to take photos.