Professor Stef Pukallus

Stef is a Professor in Public Communication and Civil Development. Her research interest and expertise focus on the role that public communication can play in the building, development as well as in the diminishment and destruction of civil societies (emergent and mature). She has just published her third research monograph entitled Communication in Peacebuilding: Civil Wars, Civility and Safe Spaces (published with Palgrave Macmillan). She is currently working on how soap opera can engage in civil norm building as well as a new book project on the soundscape of civil society. Previously, Stef has examined how European citizenship was publicly communicated to European citizens from 1951 onwards and she has looked at how the EU has tried to stimulate what she calls a Civil Europe from the 1950s onwards through the use of culture, the mass media and education. She has acted as an official historian for the European Commission and its policies on public opinion and citizenship.