Dr Valentina Baú

Valentina works as a Senior Research Fellow at Western Sydney University, Institute for Culture and Society. Both as a practitioner and as a researcher, her work has focused on the use of the media & communication in international development. Valentina has worked in different African countries, Asia, and the Middle East. She has collaborated with international NGOs, UN agencies and the Italian Development Cooperation, both in a research and communication capacity. Her experience involves the implementation of both research and media projects with victims and perpetrators of conflict, displaced people, refugees and people living in extreme poverty. Valentina was a Visiting Senior Research Fellow at UNICEF Innocenti, and she is the recipient of an Australia Research Council Fellowship for her project on Development, Communication and Peace in Protracted Displacement, looking at development and humanitarian communication in Kakuma and Zaatari refugee camps. You can find out more about her work at c4dpeace.com