Helena Puig Larrauri

Helena works at Build Up, a non-profit that works to identify and apply innovative practices to prevent conflict and tackle polarization, which she co-founded in 2014. She is a peacebuilding professional with over a decade of experience advising and supporting UN agencies, multi-lateral organisations and NGOs working in conflict contexts and polarized environments. She specializes in the integration of digital technology and innovation processes to peace processes, and has written extensively on this subject matter. She is also an Ashoka Fellow.

Helena has been invited to speak about civic technology and innovation in venues including SXSW Interactive, Geneva Peace Talks, Geneva Peace Platform, The Hague Institute of Global Justice, IPI Vienna Seminar, MIT’s Centre for Civic Media and more. She previously served on the Boards of Elva Community Engagement, International Alert, ImpactHub Barcelona and the Stand-by Task Force, and currently serves on the Boards of Public Sentiment and Digital Peace Now. She holds a BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Oxford University and a Masters in Public Policy (Economics) from Princeton University.