Kaukab Saba

Kaukab Saba is a dedicated Peace Linguistics Scholar currently pursuing her degree in Peace Linguistics. Alongside her academic pursuits, she serves as a lecturer at the International Islamic University, Pakistan. Supported by prestigious grants from the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan, for both her master& and doctoral studies, Kaukab has cultivated a deep expertise in linguistic research and education. During her fellowship at Purdue University, she further honed her research skills as a visiting scholar, immersing herself in the vibrant academic environment and engaging with the Purdue Policy Research Institute (PPRI). In her scholarly pursuits, Kaukab delves into the realm of diplomatic communication, exploring the application of peace linguistics to enhance understanding and cooperation through language. Her diverse skill set encompasses proficiency in research methodology, content writing, and linguistic analysis. Motivated by a fervent commitment to promoting peace and understanding, Kaukab eagerly anticipates leveraging her expertise to contribute to the initiatives of Peace Hub, collaborating with like-minded individuals to effect positive change and foster a culture of harmony and cooperation. With peace linguistics being a less researched area, Kaukab believes there is much to explore, emphasizing that effective communication is essential for resolving conflicts peacefully.