Rousbeh Legatis

Rousbeh is a peace and conflict researcher, former UN correspondent, and international consultant on the role of journalists as actors in conflict transformation processes. In his practice-oriented work, building on insights derived from critical peace research, he supports processes of peacebuilding, transitional justice and dealing with the past (DwP), and memory work in contexts of political transition. Rousbeh works with civil society organisations, as well as international and academic organisations, as a consultant, project developer and evaluator, to strengthen these organisations in their conflict transformation endeavours in peace processes, up until now predominantly in Latin America. In addition to capacity-building in institutions of transitional justice, this involves the creation of spaces for intercultural exchange between academics and practitioners, together with media assistance initiatives, strategic communication projects and the establishment of local media networks. He also teaches in public and private universities on concepts of peace, Communication for Peace (C4P), functions of the media in conflict transformation, the interdependence of peacebuilding and DwP, and memory work as an instrument of peace. In the context of research for a PhD in the Department of Politics and International Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in the University of London, Rousbeh is investigating the role of media and journalists as memory agents in processes of dealing with the past, working comparatively and drawing on instruments of Participatory Action Research (PAR).